John E Vistic – Under The Volcano

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John E Vistic

Under The Volcano - Deaf Endling Records

We try to cover a broad cross section of the punk scene, from straight up punk rock and hardcore, through post punk and beyond to those strange creatures on the fringes of the scene, and even those denizens of the garage that take inspiration from punk’s roots, but it’s rare to find a band that embodies elements of pretty much everything. Over the horizon looms the Bristol based artist John E Vistic (James Ray And The Blackhearted Riders / Crippled Black Phoenix) who has released his new album, Under The Volcano, and has unleashed a sound that resembles a cross between Roky Erikson, Bones Shake, The Fall, The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, The Stooges and Nick Cave.

The opening track, Sublime Architecture Of Death, unleashes a fuzzed out post everything hit of dark rock ’n roll that channels those bands that have always lurked on the fringes of counter culture, those that are often sadly unappreciated until long after their fire has burnt out. Under The Volcano is a constant frenzied storm that carries the pent up frustration and anger that is the hallmark of some of the best music to come from the dark underbelly of rock ’n roll. Raw and pumped up the storm never abates, from the post punk fuelled King Of Rock ’N Roll and Psycho Death Cult, through the dark pop of It’s Nature and All Animals, the brooding intensity of Dark Black Cloud and the unhinged rock ’n roll of Heart In Danger and Rattlesnake.

Even when Vistic’s foot is taken off the gas on tracks such as Loutz, I Am The Shadow and the closing acoustic track, Sapiens (When We Are All Free), the intensity remains, albeit with a more sinister undercurrent. But it’s on the track Moronic Inferno where Visitic truly shines, the dark fuzz is combined with a melancholy vocal delivery to create an anthem that is the perfect soundtrack for the UK in 2021. The list of band’s that John E Vistic’s sound will call to mind is almost limitless, some will remain just out of touch with a vague feeling of recognition, others are more upfront and centre. This is not a slur on Vistic, it’s just that Under The Volcano embraces the soundtrack of decades of alternative culture like few I’ve heard.

Under The Volcano follows on from John E Vistic‘s last solo album, Welcome Down The Night, and is now available via streaming platforms and Bandcamp via Deaf Endling Records. John E Vistic is also playing an album release show tonight, October 8th, at The Loco Club, Bristol.