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Light The Fire

Ascension - Standby Records

Dallas quintet Light the Fire have now been around for five years and will be releasing their sophomore album, Ascension, today via Standby Records. Ascension is the follow up to their 2015 debut album, Lost At Sea, and it sounds like a logical progression from their first album. The opening instrumental track eases you into album before it seamlessly switches into the track Strong Mind Fragile Heart, ethereal keyboards sit behind walls of drums and heavy brutalising guitar riffs. Whilst the band define themselves as ‘electro post hardcore’ this is an album that has the hallmarks of modern metal, relentless pounding drums, crunching guitar riffs and vocals that alternate between barked growls and a clear emo tinged delivery. Behind the more predictable polished metal elements lie occasional techno style keyboards and the more traditional synthetic swirling orchestral backing.

Ascension sounds rather predictable, this bombastic hybrid is something that doesn’t do it for me, as with many releases of this genre, the overproduction just kills it stone dead. I’m not sure if this just a personal bugbear of mine, or maybe it’s just that this isn’t an album for me, but I find that polishing the sound of an album until all character has been removed from the process just seems self defeating. For me this is an overly commercialised version of metal that for all it’s efforts just comes across as being rather soulless.

There are bands who make these crossbred hybrids of metal and do it well, but Light The Fire don’t sound like one of them. Having said all that, fans of this genre will lap this up and I’d bet a mortgage payment they will be wildly successful. Ascension will probably sell incredibly well as that’s exactly what it sounds like it was designed to do.

Ascension can be ordered via Standby Records here

Light The Fire‘s web presence can be found here