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Surfing The Chaos - Self Released

Litterbug are by definition Blackpool’s number one Alt-Punk-Surf-Thinking mans Combo, and this is their first album of 2024 (which is what matters more than anything else) and what a way to set themselves up for their Rebellion Festival appearance in August.

Surfing The Chaos sounds like a moment of clarity, a time to rise above the last decade of unmanaged life, times that have been dictated by the few and cursed by the viral.  So does it go a way to bringing all this into focus, and does it entertain, well let’s listen. Kicking straight into ‘Just Making Sounds’, what is immediately apparent, is how these feels brighter and lighter than previous Litterbug incarnations, it has more layers to it too, its melodic, its edgy, and it does have rage, just in a more focused way.

As you delve deeper into this album, your struck by the sense of timing that defines the bands sound, the Litterbug rhythm is there as always, but it has a much more spontaneous feel to it, like in ‘You Know’ with its special blend of plucked guitar refinement, a bass that intersects with some wonderful riffs that dot in and out among the lyrical brilliance. ‘Open Space’ falls back on some pretty top old school influences, I heard some Adverts sounding moments in there, but this is backed up by a renewed and refreshed sense of now. ‘No Means No’ is another of those back to the future tracks, it’s filled with 70’s punk/new wave vibes, a simplicity of lyric that sits perfectly in its surroundings. ‘Breathe’ is more than half way through the album, and its a defining song, its got all the elements of Litterbug’s ethos at its heart, lyrically thought provoking and musically straight to the heart of things with a slice of angst.

It’s by this time you start to pick out what is great and what’s not quite cutting it in an album, this is a band though that have it all pinned down, if its a melodic moment you want its been, if its some angst, its there, some intelligent political statements, yep them too, so what’s left?, a time of inflection maybe, oh thats where we end actually, ‘Too Alternative For Punk’ sums up the album and the band, a journey that has always set out to be nothing like everything else.

The best album they’ve made. It’s a level up moment for the band, it for me, delivers more, its soundscape has more layers than an onion, and is just as strong flavoured.

Out on all streaming platforms on July 5th

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