Live Review – Casey, Sheffield Corporation, 23/09/16

  • Mark Johnson posted
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Corporation, Sheffield, UK - 23rd September, 2016

This particular show is significant for melodic hardcore quintet Casey as it coincides with the release of their debut album Love is Not Enough. The band are due to head out on tour in support of Being as an Ocean in November but for these headlining shows the stage is all theirs and they’re definitely worthy of the spotlight. Love is Not Enough is filled with ambient, atmospheric instrumentals behind impassioned vocals, underpinned by emotionally charged lyrics and in a live environment, the raw energy of Casey’s music is emphasised by the unique atmosphere that a live show brings.

What gives Casey such appeal is the honesty and raw emotion of their music, particularly the vocals. With lyrics that focus on lost relationships and the inevitable struggles that follow, Casey’s front-man wears this emotion on his sleeve and his reserved, almost awkward, on-stage persona adds to the authenticity of the subject matter. This connection with the audience allows you to live those experiences through him, making the live performance even more compelling than the record.

Musically Casey are extremely tight and it’s refreshing to see the band simply walk on stage, plug in and play their hearts out. There’s an ever growing trend of bands over complicating their live performances with backing tracks and samples and while this allows them to replicate their studio albums entirely, it detracts from the natural energy and rawness of a live show. Luckily they keep it simple and when music is this passionate, no other type of presentation would be appropriate.

Throughout the set each song flows seamlessly to the next with an ever present guitar melody filling the gaps, providing a perfect segue to the next song. By sustaining the performance throughout, the band retains the crowd’s attention rather than building up an atmosphere only to let it dissipate while a guitar is tuned. It’s a level of refinement usually reserved for seasoned, experienced acts, so being at this level having only just released their debut album, is a huge achievement. On this evidence we’d fully expect Casey to establish themselves as a major live act in the scene and as they head out in support of Being as an Ocean, they’ll have the opportunity to prove what they can do to a wider audience. We’re confident that they’ll be leaving that tour with a legion of new followers.