Chaos 8 / The Kingcrows / Yur Mum / Hospital Food / The Awkwards – Stalybridge Tavern, Manchester, UK, 11th February 2018

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Chaos 8 / The Kingcrows / Yur Mum / Hospital Food / The Awkwards

Stalybridge Tavern, Manchester, UK - 11th February 2018

Chaos 8 Punk Sunday Feb 18Grass roots promoters Indigo Bravo Promotions have been putting on shows across the UK, despite their growing reputation they’ve retained a steady focus for those shows that are held the edge of Manchester, in addition to their evening shows they have been holding a series of Punk Rock Sundays, with today marking the tenth such event, and thankfully this avoids any possibility that Sunday will be peaceful or restful in any way, shape or form. Today’s line up of five bands from across England’s grass roots punk scene includes a headlining set by the North East’s Chaos 8, with support from London’s Yur Mum, two outfits from the wilds of Yorkshire, The Kingcrows and Hospital Food, and Lancashire’s The Awkwards, to add to the appeal of the event, as with all of Indigo Bravo Promotions Manchester events, today is a free entry show.

Awkwards Punk Sunday Feb 18The soundtrack that precedes the first band is everything you’d hope for as it covers the last forty plus years of punk rock, that warms up a sub zero afternoon ahead of an impressive five band line up that kicks off with recently formed Lancashire trio The Awkwards who, after a lengthy soundcheck, get the tenth Punk Rock Sunday underway. The Awkwards deliver a full tilt battery of bass led old school punk rock, songs like Down In The Garden, Zombies and their self titled theme tune are mixed with politically motivated tracks that attack warfare and global warming. The Awkwards bring a frantic and welcome barrage to blow away the cobwebs from an excessive Saturday night, and despite being relative newcomers they open the tenth Punk Rock Sunday in fine chaotic style.
Hospital Food Punk Sunday Feb 18Hospital Food follow up with heavier sound that’s more reminiscent of the UK82 scene than their predecessors, the Mohawk sporting frontman, Ben Savage, leads the band through a set of terrace chant choruses and brutal punk rock that carries the spirit of punks second and third wave. Tracks like Small Man In A Big World and World Of The Walking Dead reflect the different approaches that Hospital Food deliver, both musically and lyrically. Hospital Food deliver a blistering set of old school punk rock, and to underline this they close with a raucous Punk Rock Heart and it makes them a far more appetising second course than their name would suggest.
Yur Mum Punk Sunday Feb 18London based International trio Yur Mum have made the longest journey to get here today, and their discordant post punk and post grunge influenced set of road rage rock brings a darker more menacing element into the line up at Punk Rock Sunday 10. Their slender vocalist, Anelise Kunz, alternately howls, croons and barks the lyrics. Unlike the bands that preceded them Yur Mum incorporate a diverse range of elements to give their sound a more eclectic appeal, heavy duty rock riffs are thrown into the mix, but they are delivered with their own twist and more importantly with the same passion, and it gives the band a sound that refuses to be pigeonholed, and it makes them an original and more than welcome addition to the line up for Punk Rock Sunday 10.
Kingcrows 1 Punk Sunday Feb 18Yorkshire quartet The Kingcrows are the penultimate band on today’s bill and they are bringing their full tilt fucked up rock ‘n roll, along with the biggest amps of anyone on today’s line up, to Punk Rock Sunday 10. Collectively they resemble a biker gang that has been culled from different eras, and whilst it’s obvious that they’re no angels it’s clear that they’re here to raise a little good natured hell. The opening number, Psycho Radio, indicates that they channel the excesses of the likes of Motörhead and The Wildhearts via a transatlantic punk soundtrack that encompasses The Anti Nowhere League, Ramones, Rancid and The Dead Boys, and they deliver every single number with a hedonistic zeal that indicates this is a band that loves what they do, and you can’t help but feel the same way. 
Kingcrows 2 Punk Sunday Feb 18The Kingcrows throw brand new material into their set from their shortly to be recorded and as yet untitled new album, and it’s no surprise that the new songs blended into their set perfectly, they carry the same rock ‘n roll excess and the new material indicates that their established fan base will not be disappointed with their new album when it sees the light of day. They close their set with a triumphant Beer And Whiskey ,that sees them joined onstage by an enthusiastic member of the crowd, for a rousing alcohol soaked finale. To paraphrase one of The Kingcrows choruses, “they’re gonna grow up one day but that day isn’t now”, and I’m kinda glad it isn’t as The Kingcrows deliver the kind of excessive blend of rock ‘n punk ‘n roll that makes life worthwhile.
Chaos 8 2 Punk Sunday Feb 18Chaos 8 are still touring on the back of the back of their stunning Cause And Effect album, tonight’s headline set is part of series of dates that lead up to an appearance at this years Rebellion Festival, where they’ve graduated from last years storming debut on the Introducing Stage to an appearance on one of the festival’s main stages. Tonight Chaos 8 are deservedly headlining today’s Punk Rock Sunday, with today also marking a new chapter in the band’s history with the debut appearance of the band’s new drummer Steve Naisbet. The band launch into heavyweight industrial post punk with a dark and stormy Out Of Control, a track that contains the dark spirit of Killing Joke and also possesses the driving bass lines that underscored Hawkwind‘s finest explorations into time and space.
Chaos 8 4 Punk Sunday Feb 18Chaos 8‘s soundtrack is underpinned by the mesmerising presence of vocalist Beki Straughan who prowls the stage and fixes the crowd with a psychotic glare, and she understandably acts as the central point of attention, leaving the engine room of the band free to provide the pulverising soundtrack. Chemical Reaction kicks in with a bass line that is felt rather than heard and the energy the band puts out is off the scale, every number in their all too short set is delivered like a sledgehammer, Sugar Coated Anarchy spits venom at the commercialised punk scene, Four Minutes ramps up the nuclear paranoia, whilst What Have You Become is a dark barbed thrust directed firmly at those in power. Chaos 8 are quite simply a stunning live band and they bring the tenth Punk Rock Sunday to a climatic finish.
Chaos 8 3 Punk Sunday Feb 18Punk Rock Sundays are a great example of what the grass roots punk scene has to offer with five original and diverse bands representing different facets of the modern punk scene, without people like Indigo Bravo Promotions seeking out bands and venues for events like this then the scene wouldn’t be what it is today, so I would appeal to people to support your grass roots venues, go see the bands and if you can afford it buy something from the merch table. This is your scene, all you have to do to keep it alive and protect it is to turn up and enjoy yourself, and maybe even have a few beers if you feel like it, and with free entrance to shows like this there really is no excuse not to get out there and support your grass roots scene.
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Live photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here and you can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images