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Loaded 44

Come On! - STP Records

Loaded 44 were formed two decades ago in the North East of the UK, the members are all prolific songwriters and are active in numerous bands, including Hi-Fi Spitfires and Chaos 8, making them something of a grass roots punk supergroup. Come On! is Loaded 44‘s sophomore album, it is the follow up to their impressive debut, Wasted On You. Sadly that album is no longer available, but Come On! gives those who missed out a chance to hear this excellent quartet.

Loaded 44 take their influences from late 70’s punk rock and new wave, the eleven tracks that make up Come On! are buzzsaw guitar pop punk tracks, that’s not pop punk as in four trendy haircuts marketed as punky by a major label, but a collection of infectious razor sharp punk songs which build to catchy choruses. Musically the album contains an impressive array of guitar riffs and hooks that are layered over a tight backline, whilst Beki Straughn‘s trademark powerful vocals carry the melody. This combination makes Come On! an irresistible and exuberant punk rock album that conveys an authentic attitude and intensity on every track on the album, throughout the length of Come On! Loaded 44 maintain an impressively high energy level that only drops when the final chord fades away.

Obvious comparisons for any female fronted punk band would the likes of Blondie and The Epoxies, Loaded 44 are less poppy than the former and not as retro as the latter, they balance punk sensibilities and whilst they embrace the past, they certainly aren’t living in it. My only concern would be that as the members of Loaded 44 have so many irons in the fire that it may be a while before we see another release from them.

Come On! can be ordered from STP Records or directly from the Loaded 44 website here