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Welcome To The Freak Show - Self Released

For the very unlucky of you who haven’t heard or had the pleasure of catching LoGOz live, then lets put you on the right track here.  The four piece from Ashington in the North East of England, started life back in 2012 as a three piece no bass punk/rock band with main man and songwriter Peesh brining together some of the best in North East talent, todays line up sees Paul (Lead Guitar) Carlos (Drums), added over the past few years Kieran (Bass) backing up lead singer Peesh on rhythm guitar.  

Having kicked of their album life back in 2018 with Psycho Radio, an album that showed off the dark yet sublime lyrical style of Peesh that was backed up by some Wildhearts esque pop punk that crashed into the world like a meteor and gave a wake up to all those who think Punk is dead, no it fucking isn’t and LoGOz are saying it loudly.

Fast forward and numerous EP’s, solo singles/albums, spoken word duo’s and collaborations later, here we finally go!  The second album is here Welcome To The Freak Show arrives on 1st December.  So does it stand up against the backdrop of all the previous work and prolific world of live performances?, let’s turn it up full volume and see.

After an intro that quite frankly does freak you out a little, ‘Welcome To The Freak Show’ hits the senses like a tornado that’s just gonna rip through the side of your house, this track sets out with all the intent that this album is gonna smash ya lugs in with it’s Rock n Roll that’s played like their lives depend on it, all in a song that says it as it is, a world feels like it plays out in cyber space or through the TV, a world that is a nothing more than a “freak show” on show!

What LoGOz do best is hit you with huge riffs, played at break neck speed, slam some pretty cool guitar licks at you, drop bass lines in like they mean nothing, but boy they do, and to back all this up, the drums fire armour piercing bullets with full effect, to this end, enter ‘Scars & Bruises’ a song has all this and more, a song that hides some pretty tough scars under an overcoat of full on machine gun sounds. 

This album may have taken 4 plus years to come to fruition, but wow was it worth waiting for.  It hangs its hat and heart on being of its time, it spells out some pretty spot on truths, it delves deep when needed, but what it never does, is hide where its from, a place of anti wrong, pro open your eyes, but most of all, it comes from watching the world on the brink of a ‘Tropical Apocalypse’ or heading down the route of ‘Karmageddon’ Peesh definitely has a way of wrapping up some pretty damning realities within what is a musical story of foreboding, a story that has all the twists and turns of an Alfred Hitchcock, yet the foresight of a George Orwell, but the one line that comes to mind when listening to some of these mini moments in time is “Why do I have the feeling that you will be the death of me” , and we end with ‘La Salida Esperanza’ a musical exit with hope.

You can either come out of this album feeling“fuck, that was something special” or you may also exit the other end feeling like “Damn why have I missed this band before” both of these statements are most likely the only ones that fit here.   

Rock n Roll should always be like this, LoGOz style!

Out on December 1st, join LoGOz on their FACEBOOK and Bandcamp for your chance to get this album on release.