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Mark Murphy And The Meds

On The Brink - Horn And Hoof Records

Mark Murphy & The Meds could so very easily be  interpreted as Mark in his room taking all those “get me by” meds he required to get him through the 2020 pandemic, as this album was recorded by Mark on his own, writing and recording everything at home during lockdown.

But as it gets out there into live land, he will however be drafting in a full band to be the Meds, I’m sure this would be a much better visual onslaught than the latter.

Having several releases behind him already, we are always happy to hear more from a man who keeps Liverpool punk music on the map, being from a city that has a long historic love affair with popular and underground music, could be a bit daunting to some, but Mark shows just how being yourself and doing just exactly what you want, is by far the best approach.

On The Brink comes in at ten tracks, with none getting over the threshold of 3 mins, a boundary that is only to be broken by the not so straight to the point songs, or maybe some well deserved story telling moments.  ‘Stuck Inside’ opens up this jukebox of songs, Marks voice is one of the first things that stands out, an almost falsetto that takes no time at all to have you feeling at home with.  As pointed out earlier, this sound has no Scouse comparisons, yet it does have a Ramones sense of, get on with it going on, this is accompanied by a musical simplicity that takes great riffs, wonderful melody and a machine gun drums to push it along at such a pace, that before iv’e even finished this sentence, it’s on track 4 or 5.  Which is perfectly timed, as track 5 ‘Another Case Of Lonely’ hits your heart as well as your ears, this song has all the bouncing fast paced wonderfulness that moves all the way through the album, but what it also does is show some vulnerability in the writing, ‘Alone Again Nor’ being another example, what sounds like a break up song, remembering when times were good. The oddity moment in here ‘Hardcore Four’ comes in close to the end of the album, this does feel a little out of place at first, but then when you compare the pace of the beat throughout the album, maybe not so… 

You know when you’ve heard an album that just doesn’t mess around, it gets on with what it should, its says what it needs to say and then finishes, well this write up is one of them same moments, no point in dragging the hell out of something that doesn’t need to be stretched over that getting boring line.

Suffice to say, this album is short and sweet, with the emphasis on both, a pleasure to hear something that stops when it done what it needs to do.

Fast classic punk, along the lines of Cyanide Pills and Ramones

Out to stream or download on 8th November

physical copies also available now via the Horn & Hoof Records Bandcamp

Visit Marks FACEBOOK to get all the info you need.