Mike Park – North Hangook Falling

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Mike Park

North Hangook Falling - Sub City Records

Before I talk about this CD, I ask you to read this comic at 21deadmonkeys.com because it will basically let me skip my entire introduction about this performer.

Now that you’ve read the comic, you should now a bit more about Mike Park then you did before, most importantly the fact that he is not a superhero but rather just a great guy who has helped make some of your favorite bands what they are today. He’s politically minded and very socially aware and even just completed his living room tour – where he played in his fans living room and just hung out with them afterwards. Well anyway, to make things short, here he is with his second solo album, North Hangook Falling. And while it was recorded in less than a week, it is a definite step up from his debut and a great acoustic album to listen to.

The twelve song album is all just Mike Park and his acoustic guitar (with some help from Colossal). The songs are always very melodic and slow, catchy pop-punk nearing the verge of emo with its simplicity and power. Take for example, the amazing addition of Jenny Choi’s cello on the title track, North Hangook Is Falling. That little simple addition to an already good song makes it stand out that much more. The lyrics are catchy and powerful, full of political and social subject matters. With songs about love, war, stereotypes, protests, and problems in Korea, the album is sure to make you stop and think a little bit. But even with some slightly depressing themes threaded throughout the album, each song is still filled with a sense of hope and a happy outlook of life.

Obviously, this CD isn’t for everyone. But any fan of acoustic music should check this out, and maybe it will make you think that he is in fact, a superhero.