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Unknown Road EP - Self Released

Peesh is a force of nature from the North East of England, he has multiple bands and projects on the go, the most notable of them being his band LoGOz and the poetic duet Cherry & Peesh.  So here he goes again with his magical touch when it comes to his musical artistry with the release of the Unknown Road EP.

Four tracks that seem to be a footnote to his career, tracks that by there title alone give some kind of pointer to his long and fruitful career being in its most thoughtful period. 

As a whole this feels like an EP that has a mellower than usual feel to previous offerings, it seems to be looking at the world from the angle of a man who has lived and breathed it, yet is still unsure as to his or our future in it.  Title track ‘Unknown Road’ has an air of exactly as it says the road ahead is unknown, we can look back at all that went before and yet we cannot see who the enemies are ahead, is it them or ourselves, musically this is an EP that screams a sense melancholy, wonderfully melodic yet with a beautiful driving force of strumming chords that fit perfectly with every word.

Three more tracks all keep the theme of either introspection or looking out at a world that may only have a short time left.

‘Old Habits’ is powerfully filled with the thought of how to tomorrow is built on yesterday and never forget that, its played short and to the point, ‘The Beginning Of The End’ follows on perfectly from the latter, its music scope is the same and it speaks of moving forward without regret.  Then we get to ‘Epitaph’ a bruiser of a song, this is where a change in tone and sound hits you, it has a heavier and grungier feel, the ridiculously catchy riff in there is sublime, which suits the lyrics like a glove, the words “hold on to your last breath” say that the end of our (humanities) time on earth should always be fought for, give all that you can until then…… the song of the EP by a country mile, if you buy this EP then your not just getting four great tracks, your also buying one song that should be up there as a forever song! Which is scarily fitting.

Lyrically genius, musically a one off and never to be forgotten, overall a DIY artistic masterpiece.

Head on over to Peesh’s BANDCAMP page for a May the 5th release for this top of the pile EP

check out YOUTUBE for all his visual work.