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Pit Pony

Pit Pony

Accidental Doom - Self Released

Pit Pony‘s 2022 album ‘World To Me‘ was, for this reviewer, one of the highlights of the year. A dozen tracks of sonically charged noise that blended great melodies and a huge guitar sound whilst delivering songs yelling about the real world and the frustrations of everyday life, full of anger, pent up frustrations and a real punk attitude. Over the music is the voice of Jackie Purver, who has the ability to let you know exactly how she feels without actually needing to shout or screech. Lauded by the likes of Steve Lamacq, support slots with Idles, The Wedding Present and Pigsx7 to name a few as well as sites such as Louder Than War and our own PunkSite, Pit Pony have now returned with a new single ‘Accidental Doom‘.

And what a return it is. Unmistakeably Pit Pony it erupts with a huge piercing guitar riff underpinned with explosive drums before Purver’s voice, packed with emotion, anger and hurt, but all the while remaining ice cool as she delivers a message to those quick to judge others based solely on what they they see. People who look at a person on stage or on a screen, especially a woman, and think it’s OK to make comments about their looks, their body and their clothes. Comments that may mean well, but comments that do not get made about male bandmates. Sadly it’s still a common occurance in the music industry.

Pit Pony

All Pit Pony are asking, over a ferocious punk rock sound, is for people to be kind and think before they speak. Half way through the relentless pace slows – perhaps a time for the commenters to reflect – “Don’t you ever tell me what you think of me. I don’t think I could handle the hypocrisy” – before ‘Accidental Doom‘ explodes again into it’s hard hitting, in your face, sonic assault on the senses. Once again Pit Pony challenge the negatives often found in society and do so over a relentless, passionate noise.

Pit Pony

It’s good to see them back with new recorded material, especially when it’s as good as this. Accidental Doom is available as a limited edition (250) red 7″ single backed with another new track ‘Fuzzy‘. The physical release will be the only place to hear ‘Fuzzy‘ as it will not be available to stream or download. Accidental Doom will be released October 10th and is available to order from the band’s website and their Bandcamp page.

Pit Pony Live Dates

14th October – London, Jaguar Shoes

3rd November – Newcastle, The Grove