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Reminders best of beach punk


The Best Of Beach Punk - Venn Records / Wiretap Records

Best Of Beach Punk is the debut album from Reminders, Isle of Wight indie punks and former teenagers. If the latter description feels trite and uncomplimentary, it’s appropriate because there is an overall sense of youthful frustration and an energy in this album that stems, perhaps, from being constrained by trying to make it big from one of the UK’s coastal backwaters. Hence their self-styled and tongue in cheek ‘beach punk’ tag which hints at the glamour of California cool but in reality reflects a gritty English seaside mentality.

That vibe is apparent in the sound of this collection. There’s a kind of rebellious insouciance to Reminders‘  scuzzy, at times almost careless approach – but don’t be fooled, they’re a lot better than they want you to think they are.

Soundwise, there’s a cool early noughties thing going on. It’s been over 20 years since Feeder‘s Seven Days In The Sun, and it’s no real surprise to recall that the B-side of that single was a song called Reminders. The plot thickens. Maybe Seaside Scampi on this album is an homage to that band and that single – the sonic references are arguably a bit too close for it not to be deliberate. This album offers a lot of original sounds to like. Lead single Carousel is a jaunty bass-led uptempo number with a fuzzy refrain. Daisy is an obvious contender for standout track but that said, there’s no filler here, just plenty of wholesome pop punk goodies.

Maybe not an instant first-listen hit, but definitely an album of fine songs that grow and grow on you. Plenty of variety too. If you like your garage faux-surf punk pop a bit gritty and laid back with a retro feel, Best Of Beach Punk is an album you’ll continue to enjoy, long after the summer is gone. A fine debut from these up-and-comers and a band already catching the attention of national tastemakers. Get in on the summer fun!

Best Of Beach Punk by Reminders is out now on Venn Records (UK) and Wiretap Records (USA).