Robbie Morön – The First Noe EP

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Robbie Morön

The First Noe - High End Denim Records

The Christmas punk releases are, like the rest of the music world, something of a staple at this time of year, whether it’s punked up covers of Xmas classics, original songs, UK punk bands giving their opinion of their Prime Minister or a full on Phil Spector, the Xmas album – not the other stuff, it’s an established festive tradition in all of it’s forms. Robbie Morön (The Moröns) has now joined the fray on his recently released EP, The First Noe, that has followed on from his debut single, Get Off My Lawn, an appearance on the Weenorama Halloween compilation, his debut solo EP, Palooka Haymaker, and The Moröns debut full length, Today’s Special. I think it’s fair to say Robbie has had a productive year.

For the most part this is not your predictable run of the mill festive fare, whether he’s taken inspiration from classic Christmas movies, reinventing punk classics or going of on his own tangent this is an original and unexpected EP from the The Moröns frontman. The First Noe opens with Light ‘Em Up, an ode to the joy of putting up the Xmas lights, before hitting another Xmas tradition, the search for the painkillers, on Where’s The Tylenol? With Santa Is A Punk Rocker Robbie makes the Ramones classic into a festive punk smash before we hit the halfway point with the unlikely festive title Decrease The Surplus Population, a song that addresses the inequality of Capitalism at Christmas.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas is belted out in fine punk rock style before you are invited to Lick The Pole, where I doubt he’s referring to North or South. Go Santa Go keeps the momentum going before you hit the wonderfully title Bob Slays On The Hill that keeps the slightly darker undercurrent that lurks on this EP flowing. What this EP somewhat refreshingly lacks is the usual adornment of sleigh bells, choirs and all the other festive clichés, this is just punk rock that is Christmas themed rather than the usual predictable schmaltzy seasonal fare. Put this on your Xmas playlist alongside The VandalsOi The The World and pass the eggnog.

The First Noe is now available via High End Denim Records & Spotify