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Ruts DC

ElectrAcoustic Volume 2 - Sosumi Recordings

The title might be reinvented rather than reimagined, but this is the latest slice of brilliance from a band that have been through the mill personally over recent times. This is something that you feel was needed and most of all wanted by the fans. That’s not to say that they have just given long standing fans a treat, they haven’t forgotten to bring something that will be welcomed and open up a whole new pandora’s box for the uninitiated, far from it, this is a glimpse through the looking glass at what has been and a glimpse of what is still to come.

So ElectrAcousitic Volume 2 comes along after the release of the very welcome Counter Culture album in 2022 and the original idea album back in 2021, Volume 1 of course. To say that this is possibly the bands most prolific time musically, is not a stretch I’d say, after hearing this latest album and what they are doing in the present, this would be a time to be excited about and proud of such a great legacy by all members past and present. The opener ‘Born Innocent’ a song from Counter Culture, is if not planned, a brilliantly timed start, with war and division the theme in todays human history, a song of peace and reflection is nothing short of needed, or just wanted. 

After listening through this album 3 or 4 times at least (a pleasure it was too), it soon comes to mind that this is a band that will never forget its beginnings, middle and future, with songs that have relevance no matter when they were written or played, take ‘Backbiter’ from 1979’s The Crack, with its simple message about user and losers who speak ill of other behind their backs, this is a trait that is so much more prevalent in the internet age, and by the way, this song has and still does have a killer bass riff. Then you can jump to ‘Despondency’ from 1981’s Animal Now, a timeless look at depression and its effects on your life, definitely something that’s grown in relevance as life’s pressures seem to get greater, and what about jumping forward 40+ years and listening to the brilliant ‘Caught In the Killzone’ which 100% covers the political shit show that has dogged this nation for as many years, and sees the band railing against the wrongs born out of self serving power mongers. 

So does this album feel like a rehash or a cop out from writing new material, absolutely not!, it’s so much more than that, it’s giving us all a different slant on songs that stand up to time and fully deserve to be given a fresh lick of paint, I for one am so happy I got to listen and will continue to listen for many more years to come, here’s to Volume 3.

If you’re not aware of Ruts DC or The Ruts for that matter, then you either, were too young, or just had your head in the sand for too many years, well this album is a point of entry you simply shouldn’t miss out on. 

Out on October 27th, there’s plenty of choice of media via RUTS DC Shop

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