School Drugs – Absolution (Funeral Arrangements Part 2)

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School Drugs

Absolution - Indecision Records

School Drugs come hard out of New Jersey, their brand of hardcore punk is definitely akin to Black Flag or Dag Nasty, although played like a 45rpm at 78rpm, so here we have what is apparently Part 2 of a 4 part release that when complete will make up the album ‘Funeral Arrangements’, a novel idea I guess.

This three track, part album, part EP, could never be mistaken for being anything less than short and sweet, although the term sweet would be maybe the totally wrong way of describing the ear bashing you’re letting yourself in for when hitting play.  ‘No Taste’ kicks off with “I’ve got no taste for the human race” a statement that shows it’s full distain for what we a as race are doing to the planet and how we certain elements drag us down into a pit of despair.

Follow this up with ‘Broken’ then I think you pretty much get the message that runs this show, hammered at you with the speed of a fucking jet propelled axe through the head, and lasting about as long as it takes to hit the floor when your head is smashed by its power, this music is certainly not for easy consumption, finally and after as little as 3 mins we get ‘Cold Hearted’ which doubles the length of the EP/Album part, the very thought of picking yourself off the floor from the previous tracks, would be entirely stupid, just lay there and be flattened!

Songs for the angry and for the disaffected among you who see no end to the destruction of life itself.

Released digitally on August 26th via Indecision Records, you can also pre-order for the Physical copy which is due out around October.

See more details of live dates and releases on the bands Facebook.