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Screeching Weasel

The Awful Disclosures Of Screeching Weasel - Striped Records/Rum Bar Records/Monona Music

Album fourteen, yes I said 14!  Thats what The Awful Disclosures Of Screeching Weasel will be, now I know its not exactly The Fall/Mark E Smith territory (100 albums), but its pretty damn impressive for a pop punk band.

Although numbers are not everything, having so many recordings behind you has to say something as to how much you love what you do.  This release by a band that has been what I would call the back bone of pop/punk for so many years, has them doing it all in much the same way, playing music that flows out like a volcanic eruption, scorching all that stands in their way.  So not only is this the bands fourteenth album, but they have also had the epiphany of making it fourteen tracks.

Being the soundtrack to a generation, SW have always been at the fringe of greatness so many times, a cult band of kinds, this being meant as a compliment, but why have they not quite hit the Green Day heights or sold as much as Offspring, who knows, but this album still holds some belting tracks, some stand up and be counted tracks and some that yes maybe you might not remember so well, but what you are getting is quality anarchic pop punk.

First stand out is ‘Any Minute Now’, this song has some pretty dangerously close to Against Me riffs, yet is unmistakably SW, then ‘My Favourite Nightmare’ bounces right in with its ear worm chorus and melodic licks, ‘Kill To Cure’ feeds the sing a long audience and then ‘Pandora’s Eyes’ gives the dance around the room crowd something to do.

When you listen to a whole SW album, what’s never quite obvious is if there is actually a theme to what they write about, but what comes across is their need to fuel the listeners need for diversity, ‘Dead Alive’ is on the surface a very introspective song, ‘Gates Lift High Your Heads’ has an apocalypse now kinda of vibe going on, but then ‘Hey Diana’ drops some cute keyboard melodies in a song that will stick with you like glue.

Diversity is the mantra of punk, and SW are the epitome of a band that creates album that ooze this, who knew pop punk could be so varied, and on one album.

Out on July 15th on vinyl via Striped Records, CD via Rum Bar Records, and digitally via Monona Music

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