Sick of It All – Death to Tyrants

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Sick of It All

Death to Tyrants - Abacus Records

This is not the Sick of it All I remember, that should probably sum up this album. After 20 years, they finally decide to go harder, and there was hardly anything to lead up to this change. I’m still in a bit of disbelief that this happened, but at least it’s clear that this still is Sick of it All. Usually I have a certain method to writing my reviews, in which I describe the band, and by describing the band, usually it describes what the CD will end up sounding like. But this album is much heavier than their older stuff. Sick of it All is usually characterized by the unique voice of the singer, which hasn’t changed. But it was the guitarists that have made the biggest change; they play much faster than before. In a song that would have started up a circle pit, it seems more geared to the whole throw down now. So if anything, the songs have become better structured and more technical, but it’s hard to recognize. I’m not really sure what the drummer has done to sound different; he’s most likely playing much faster as well. I simply cannot completely identify the biggest change, as I sit here going between one of their older CD’s and Death To Tyrants. I’ve noticed that the bass lines are more audible than in their older songs, and I’d never really noticed, but that guy sure knows how to play a bass. But, from my careful comparison (it really wasn’t that careful), the biggest difference between this music and older music I think is the recording quality (its much better) and the fact that the guitar is more overpowering than before. The lyrics are politically charged (who would have thought with a title like Death To Tyrants?) and I’m glad they had no direct attacks towards Bush, that’s getting old. Although on the first song they managed to piss me off with the line, ”Lets celebrate that we don’t give a fuck!” I don’t know if I’m missing something, but to me, releasing a political CD, then claiming you don’t give a fuck is a contradiction. But I digress and also should not pick on a band that obviously knows music better than I do, the band itself has been around longer than I have. But there was one more thing about this CD that frustrated and inconvenienced me. I’m not sure if it’s only the promo issue that will do this (for the sake of the consumer, I hope it is), but it split all the songs up into smaller segments to prevent this CD from being ripped onto computers. This really impeded my progress in writing this review, since I usually put my music on my MP3 player and write while I’m at school. I realize this isn’t Sick of it All’s fault, but it was still frustrating.

Although I feel very bitter towards this album right now, I know that it’ll grow on me. Hopefully, this will not turn Sick of it All fans away, and it will most likely bring in a new crowd. I recommend buying this because I’m sure Sick of it All fans will like this if you give it a chance. But for now I’m going to brood on the fact that I didn’t like they’re change very much.