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Henchmen - Self Released

Cockwomble chose their name after seeing the UK’s former Prime Minister, David Cameron, described as a ham faced Cockwomble, and given the EP’s front cover has his successor lurking beneath the band’s logo it’s a fair bet they aren’t fans of right wing politics. Cockwomble are a trio, that includes one of The Ramonas amongst their number, that describe themselves as sounding like all your favourite bands from when you were young that eventually broke up because they weren’t successful enough and all hated each other, so before I’ve even heard a note we’re off to a promising start.

The EP’s title track doesn’t pull any punches, it immediately delivers a right hook that is aimed firmly at the Conservative Party and anyone who has voted for them, musically this is a barbed slab of furious post punk, that is followed up by a vicious jab at Radio 1 and the banal radio friendly playlists that occupy mainstream commercial and national radio. The final track on the EP, Sex, Lies And Videotape, concerns revenge porn with a soundtrack that is influenced by vintage punk rock, as an added bonus there is a somewhat optimistic, given the band’s choice of name and subject matter, radio friendly version of the EP’s title track.

Cockwomble have delivered a debut EP that hits the spot, musically this is embedded in late seventies punk and post punk, lyrically however it is bang up to date with it’s social and political subject matter. I think it’s a fair bet that Cockwomble won’t be winning any friends in positions of power or in mainstream media, but as I’m neither of those things I don’t care, Cockwomble have released a glorious debut EP that will put a smile on your face, unless you’re right wing, in which case I’m guessing they don’t want you at their shows, or a Radio 1 DJ, and I hope someone proves me wrong on this one.

The Henchmen EP can be purchased here