Single Review: Kim Wilde Vs. Lawnmower Deth – F U Kristmas

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Kim Wilde Vs Lawnmower Deth

F U Kristmas - Wildflower Records

Back in 1991 Lawnmower Deth covered Kim Wilde‘s classic new wave debut, Kids In America, Kim Wilde has stated publicly that this is her favourite version of the often covered song, and as that list includes the likes of The Bouncing Souls, The Muffs, The Bloodhound Gang, The Donnas and even Foo Fighters, it’s up against some stiff competition. Kim Wilde has since appeared with Lawnmower Deth at the Download Festival, and there you have the origin of the most unlikely team up since the KLF got together with Extreme Noise Terror.

This unlikely friendship has resulted in 2017’s finest bookmaker bothering Christmas release, F U Kristmas, and what you get with this anti Xmas single is a duet between Pete Lee of Lawnmower Deth and Kim Wilde that blends their thrash and new wave styles perfectly. The end result is a single that sums everything about this time of year perfectly, as it manages to be both seasonal, with all the elements you’d expect on a Christmas single, and distinctly humbug at the same time. The single contains the radio friendly mix, apparently not radio friendly enough for those in charge of these things, but what you want blasting out over your seasonal tipple is the Sweary Mix that has the full blooded Fuck You Kristmas as a chorus.

I do love a good original Xmas tune providing it’s not the sentimental nonsense that plagues the lives of anyone exposed to it at this time of year, if you’re a fan of the likes of Christmas With The Vandals or the other distinctly unseasonal offerings the punk scene throws up over the festive season then this should be on your shopping list. As an added bonus the odds are being shortened on this being the UK Xmas number one and there’s another damn fine reason to invest your pennies in a download, if for no other reason than to save us from another X Factor number one. Lawnmower Deth will also be appearing with Kim Wilde at The Wild Wilde Xmas Show at the Manchester Ritz on the 22nd December, along with Toyah and Carole Decker.

You can and should order F U Kristmas here