Single Review: Narcos Family Band – Pink Blues EP

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Narcos Family Band

Pink Blues - King Pizza Records

As 2017 draws to a close the Narcos Family Band are the band to mark my final review of 2017 and see us into 2018 with the release of their brand new EP, Pink Blues, that is issued via via King Pizza Records. The Pink Blues EP contains four tracks that combine the band’s own unique and twisted hybrid of straight up rock ‘n roll, punk rock and hardcore that’s blended with elements of garage, psyche, rock and pretty much everything else you can think of thrown in for good measure.

Leopard Stealth kicks things off with a twisted guitar introduction that then bursts into a demented garage riff that’s straight out of the class of ’67, but it’s delivered with a punk attitude that makes the track more reminiscent of the early recordings by the Dwarves, which is never a bad thing in my book. The following two tracks, Pretty Thing and Hammer It Shut, veer off into the desert for a dose of aggressive stoner rock that carries a similar attitude to Mondo Generator, before we hit the final track that brings a more avant garde and experimental approach to punk that borders on the approach taken by the Butthole Surfers.

The Narcos Family Band have delivered an EP that as you will have gathered carries an influence from those on the ragged edge of the punk scene, and like those bands they embrace a host of influences that are blended together to make this an original and unpredictable release, one that carries the essence of every noisy and anti social scene from the last five decades. Whilst the Pink Blues EP might not be to everyone’s taste the Narcos Family Band have taken a distinctly original and chaotic approach towards punk rock that is worth investigating if your tastes lie towards the experimental.

Pink Blues can be ordered on digital and cassette formats via Bandcamp here