Single Review: Scarboro – Wolves On The Radio EP

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Wolves On The Radio - WTF Records

Scarboro have revealed that they will be releasing their sophomore EP Wolves On The Radio this Fall via WTF Records, the new EP will follow on from the band’s impressive 2017 full length debut, Here Comes The Hangover. Wolves On The Radio will be the final EP to feature Eric Dean of the Upfux on drums before he leaves the band to become a first time dad, the band have announced that Vinny Alva, formerly of Murphy’s Law, will be taking over drumming duties with the band. The band have also signed up with MAD Tour Booking and will announcing further tour dates shortly, including a run of European dates.

It seems that Scarboro have got a head of steam up and the Wolves On The Radio EP is living proof of the resurgence of the band, as impressive as Here Comes The Hangover was, Wolves On The Radio is a release that has taken their sound to the next level. Fight To Live is a pummelling opening track that stays true to their hardcore roots, and if Scarboro had carried on in this vein I’d have been happy enough, but this is followed by the EP’s title track, a sub two minute blast of punk rock perfection that retains their intensity but brings a new anthemic quality to the material, you can’t help but feel this is going to be a live favourite, one that will see frenzied moshpits across the US and Europe.

The EP continues to deliver with Samsara, a sharp edged hardcore heavyweight that jabs relentlessly before Eyes Of The Enemy hits you with another two minutes of perfection where hardcore and punk rock are effortlessly combined with the finest elements being retained from both genres. The Wolves On The Radio EP comes to an end with Another Day, a track that brings another element into the mix with an epifat inspired three minutes. Scarboro have delivered a perfect five track EP that showcases a band who, if there’s any justice in this word, will be headed for bigger things as Wolves On The Radio is quite simply one of the best, if not the best, releases you’ll hear in 2018 when it’s released this Fall.

Scarboro‘s website can found here and their Bandcamp is here