Single Review: The Blankz – (I Just Want To) Slam

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The Blankz

(I Just Want To) Slam - Slope Records

Phoenix punks The Blankz are wasting no time as they have just released their latest single, (I Just Want To) Slam, on CD, vinyl, cassette and digital formats via Slope Records, their latest release follows hot on the heels of their impressive debut single, White Baby. The band have also revealed that this is the second in a series of nine singles, that will eventually culminate in a full length compilation comprised of all the single releases and their artwork.

Given that this has come out within weeks of their debut single it’s no surprise that (I Just Want To) Slam picks up exactly where White Baby finished, this is punk rock that is perfectly blended with early new wave, the a-side possess a frantic Ramones-esque riff makes you want to do exactly what it says on the sleeve. The flip side, Baby’s Turning Blue, should come as no surprise, it’s more of what The Blankz do so well, although this track leans deeper into vintage US punk rock, which is no bad thing when it’s done this well.

Given that The Blankz seem to be intent on releasing their debut album by instalments I have a feeling I will be reviewing them on a regular basis over the next nine months, at which point we should get a sign that their debut full length is ready for delivery, if The Blankz can keep this level of quality up with their rapid fire release schedule then I won’t be making any complaints. The first two singles from the Phoenix quintet have seen them deliver four near perfect cuts that delve deep into the roots of the punk scene, I’m already looking forward to news of their next single and thankfully I doubt I’ll have to wait very long.

(I Just Want To) Slam can be purchased and streamed via Bandcamp here

You can purchase (I Just Want To) Slam via Slope Records here