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The Blankz

White Baby - Slope Records

Slope Records have just released White Baby, the debut single by Phoenix’s The Blankz, on Friday 13th July. White Baby is an autobiographical account of growing up in Arizona in the 1970s and 1980s as a white child adopted by a Mexican-American family, a match that was a rarity at the time. Though it’s rooted in personal experiences, White Baby creates a vibe that anyone can relate to, at least anyone who has ever ridden around a hometown that’s changed, but thanks to familiar scenery can’t help but think about the people and places of their past.

White Baby is a high energy track that recalls the original new wave scene, especially with the keyboard sound that was such a hallmark of the new wave sound at the beginning of the eighties, and subsequent bands such as The Epoxies. The personal nature of the track gives the song an added kick and at the moment I cannot think of a more timely reminder that different races and cultures should be coming together, rather than being used as a divisive subject to breed hate. The b-side, Sissy Glue, pushes things up a gear and leans more towards early punk but maintains the new wave influences, and is there anything else that screams vintage punk quite like a track about glue sniffing?

The Blankz have released an impressive debut single that harks back to the origins of punk and new wave, to pull this off you have get the elements right or you just end up sounding up dated before you’ve even started, The Blankz have got everything right on their debut, White Baby is a single that recalls the best elements of snotty punk and early new wave without sounding like they’re ready for a mid life crisis. The Blankz are set to release their sophomore single, (I Just Want To) Slam in less than a months time and I can’t wait to hear more from them as this is one of the most impressive debut singles I’ve heard this year.

White Baby can be ordered via Slope Records here and Bandcamp here