Split EP Review: Bang Bang Babies / Reptilians From Andromeda

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Bang Bang Babies / Reptilians From Andromeda

Split 7" - Mandinga Records

So a split 7” digital & vinyl release, I know it’s a little outdated of me, but 7” definitely referred to vinyl when I was growing up (for that matter it still does), but let’s pretend we all understand this new digital side of  things.  

The release comes from two very very different sounding bands in the grand scheme of things, which is a very refreshing idea, being that normally you might get two bands that when listening its hard to decipher which is which without checking out the track listing.


Reptilians From Andromeda are a Turkish punk band that were formed by Aybike Celik Özbey (Vocals) and Tolga Özbey (Guitar) back in 2013, they contribute 2 track to this split, although it seems for the purpose of this review, only one track has been made easily available.  

Midnight Scenes’ thrashes along for a cool 2mins 42secs and is a much more straight forward proposition than the Bang Bang Babies, Aybike (hope this is the correct first name) has what can only be described as a voice of Becki Straughan (Loaded 44/Chaos 8) proportions, giving a fleshy, edgy boost to song that beyond this, is nothing that hasn’t gone before in this genre, but does bang along with an amount of power and energy that goes a long way to  at least making it a song to add to your playlist shuffle.

Bang Bang Babies, now here is a sound that stands out and is in stark contrast to its split partner.   Hard not to get the Cramps vibe from this, not withstanding the rumble of a garbage truck kicking it off, you might even get that same wonderful excitement from the first time you heard ‘Garbage Man’ by said band.

What Bang Bang Babies do here that stands it out and drags it up to new heights, is drop some amazing Brazilian samba/bossa nova and infuse it into the sound, which means your taken on a world journey of amazing bass lines that ooze dark Californian basements, then rhythm sections that trip you into a carnival full of diversity and life.

Quality music that not only deserves to be heard, but needs to be heard!

Two totally diverse bands on one 7” (digital), what more could you want in your life.


To get your copy, be it Vinyl or Digital, of this 7″  check out HERE