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Stöj Snak

ScreamerSongwriter - Five Feet Under Records

ScreamerSongwriter is the debut album from Danish folk punk one man army Stöj Snak, the album was released earlier this month and it follows hot on the heels of four critically acclaimed EPs. I always have a mild sense of trepidation when I approach a folk punk album, I’ve heard so many over the years that promised much but just didn’t deliver, thankfully Stöj Snak has taken big strides in restoring my faith in this genre. The brief opening instrumental Prelude, lulls you into a false of security with it’s mellow strings, before he launches into the frantic opener Fuck. This is folk punk played as it should be, it contains elements of roots music, folk and country can clearly be heard, but this is played with attitude, after a few tracks it becomes clear that ScreamerSongwriter is not only the album title, but also a perfect description.

This album manages to convey a punk attitude, it has warmth and intensity, but also manages moments of tenderness and isn’t afraid to tackle social issues head on, the fact that Stöj Snak has managed all this in the space of one album is a testament to the songwriting and musicianship on this album. There’s a sense of humour present here as well, as demonstrated on the wonderfully titled, Laughter Brings People Together But No One Wants To Fuck The Funny Guy. Inevitably there are quieter moments, but these don’t jar or spoil the flow of the album, they fit in nicely and despite their slower pace they carry the same intensity as the faster tracks

A lot of folk punk releases fall a bit flat as they repeat the highs and lows of those that have come before them, that is evidently not the case on ScreamerSongwriter, this is as punk as anything I’ve heard this year yet there’s not a distortion pedal in sight. As an added bonus there are five additional tracks of outtakes, demos and alternate versions, these are a welcome addition to the album rather than the afterthought that these things often are. This is a damn fine album and I’d say that this is the finest folk punk album I’ve heard, not just this year, add a full stop. This is how an album like this should be done and it sets a new benchmark.

ScreamerSongwriter can be purchased on a variety of formats or downloaded (for the bargain price of two euros) here