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Streetlight Manifesto

The Hands That Thieve - Victory Records

After months and months of anticipation, Streetlight Manifesto’s new album “The Hands That Thieve” was finally made available to the public on April 30th. While the band has announced that they will be going on a hiatus from touring, these impressive, powerful tracks give hope for the future. Just like Streetlight’s 2007 album, Somewhere In The Between, this album really takes you through the intelligent mind of the band’s front man/guitarist, Tomas Kalnoky.

Unlike some Ska albums from the past, The Hands That Thieve is one that captivates audiences almost immediately. After a couple chords and some quick, meaningful lyrics from Kalnoky, the true Streetlight Manifesto sound shines with a blaring horn line on The Three Of Us – and the momentum just keeps building as you progress through the album. Every song tells a different story and every story is led by the same element that has made Streetlight Manifesto great over the years: Musicianship.

The overall lyrical structure takes you on an adventure through numerous emotions. In my personal favorite song from the album, Your Day Will Come, the lyrics portray a wide array of emotions ranging from sadness to optimism. The one aspect of this song that sets it apart from the other nine tracks would be the predominant horn line heard throughout the song. Once stated about a quarter into the song, the horn line is replayed to really give an extra emotional impact to every chorus. Just like Somewhere In The Between’s closing track, What A Wicked Gang Are WeYour Day Will Come caps the Thye Hands That Thieve in a spectauclar fashion.

There’s no doubt in my mind that The Hands That Thieve is one of the top five greatest Ska albums of all times. Even though the band made everyone wait longer than expected, the final product of this album far surpassed expectations. It’s hard to believe that Streetlight Manifesto has been around for ten years already and still continued to be the same band for all these years. With an album like The Hands That Thieve, it really makes you think twice about what the band will do while they are on this future touring hiatus. Will Streetlight Manifesto write one more album? We can only hope.