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Sweet Teeth

High Anxiety - Lövely Records

This is Sweet Teeth’s debut full length, although their last release pitched itself as a mini album/EP being of around seven tracks.  

This Swedish full on guitar based band, have smashed the scene with what is quite simply the nearest thing you could ever get to a Foo Fighters level European band, and added to that, as I previously mentioned in the review for Acid Rain EP, lead singer Andreas Axelson could so easily be the alter ego of Dave Grohl himself. This alone would be enough to get so many people hooked, but beyond this Hüsker Dü are possibly the biggest influence on the bands music, and you don’t have to go far to hear this, every song has a shadow to it when it comes to this influence, ‘High Anxiety’ the title track kicks us off on this journey through 90’s alt-rock that has been driven at high speed through the gates that encircle this genre, they smash through it and create a sound that in this song particularly, has an edge of pop to it, a feeling that melody matters, which it does in spades, without losing sight of their rock core.

‘Love Panic’ follows with a simple lyrical ode to first date nerves, and a musical power pop lesson in how it should be done.  But this is a band that for some reason totally gets it without any effort at all, or at least with this album, it feels like this, songs that just roll along, full of energy, yet still giving you a sense of comfort from the melodies that fill every corner.  Take ‘Against The Wind’ it short its sweet, it powers along, it has so much indie qualities, yet it’s filling is pure hooks, riffs and melodies, this happens at every turn throughout this album, ‘October’ sets off at a frenetic pace that never lets up, yet it never gets too much, ‘Break My Heart’ a sad lament on love lost, still somehow lifts the soul with it upbeat beats and riffs that create a sense of life still. 

Some could throw criticism at how Sweet Teeth might/could be almost to driven to be a Hüsker Dü clone, and yes you could be drawn into thinking this at times, ‘No Me’ for example has a lyric that could have come straight from the pen of Bob Mould or Grant Hart for that matter, but how can any band possibly not show characteristics or styles of bands that have in a way given birth to them, this is by far the main reason some bands actually exist at all after all.

What stands out with Sweet Teeth is the need to be ground breaking yet still instil the core of what makes them who they are without apologies, saying all this, ‘Don’t be Afraid’ is the stand out for myself, somehow the guest vocal (no name  known here) just adds a new twist to the bands dynamic.

Hüsker who?, no this is not ever going to be at that level, or is it?  I’ll leave you with this thought, Sweet Teeth are still a baby in comparison and yet have still made music that fills a room with pure energy and songs that will never leave you.

Out 14th October via Lövely Records and the Bandcamp page would be a great place to start.

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