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The Answer

Never Too Late - 0.5

The last review I wrote was for The Riot Before‘s Fists Buried in Pockets. I started that review by saying how fifteen simple words describing the album excited to me no end and practically forced me to play the record immediately. For The Answer‘s debut US release, a four song EP called Never Too Late, I had yet another strong reaction to a simple description of the album. Now this time I don’t remember what exactly the little blurb said because it was printed on a sticker on the shrink wrap of the CD. So as soon as the shrink wrap came off I threw it out and the sticker was gone forever. What I do remember is my reaction after reading the sticker. I thought “my god, this is gonna suck.”

Sadly, I was right. Never Too Late does suck, in my opinion anyway. Fundamentally, it’s not absolutely horrible and a lot of people would actually really like it; but for me Never Too Late is just a nauseatingly painful release to listen to.

The Answer are trying to return to the “glory” days of eighties rock and yes, it sounds exactly like a classic rock album. There’s the high pitched vocals with a big reach and drawn out delivery. There’s over zealous, self-indulgent and high end guitar solos alongside steady, simple, rock beats. Basically, picture any classic rock band from Rock Band and you’ll get an inkling off The Answer. With some nods towards Boston,Deep Purple, Journey and most notably Led Zeppelin and AC/DCThe Answer are your stereotypical arena classic rock band. They hit every note and melody that is needed in a classic rock song which will make them the perfect saviors for others. But it ultimately still feels insubstantial and a cheap knock off of a style that wasn’t all that good in the first place.

The title track, Never Too Late, is actually on the new Guitar Hero – and that’s where it should stay. I could imagine it being slightly fun to sing the cheesy classic rock song after a few drinks during an evening of goofing around with friends. But to sit and listen to the songs on the EP is plain painful and boring. Thirty seconds in I wanted to turn it off and the closing live track, Come Follow Me (Live in Japan), can’t come soon enough.

As an added note, the Never Too Late EP does also come with a DVD. I have yet to watch it and probably never will; but for those who are interested in it, it supposedly features a documentary and some other cool stuff.