The Band For Disease Control And Prevention – Tory Dystopia EP

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The Band For Disease Control And Prevention

Tory Dystopia - Self Released

Here we are again, the band with one of the longest names at the moment release their second EP with their new vocalist Karena Serdecka on the mic. So TBFDCAP is how we will address them, purely for the saviour of my arthritic fingers.

Photo by Mark Cartwright. find them all HERE

Tory Dystopia is the latest EP to breach the banks of the political punk parapet, this is in no way a record that pulls punches.  Ever since the Covid pandemic we have had a plethora of music that looks at how as individuals or groups we have survived the lock downs, the endless cancellation of events and the emotional up and downs that come with isolation, this EP takes the in power government to task and digs into the huge gaping wounds that they have left for all to see and feel.  The title track Tory Dystopia sets out a landscape that has been our world for the last few years and long before that too, a  song that will hit home to the many of us that can see the truth behind the Tory manifest, this is all sung and intertwined with a wonderfully theatrical and dark musical backdrop, “It may feel like the Hunger Games, a culling of the poor” is a line that will stick with me for so many reasons.

‘Alien Imposter’ hits your ears next, and I wonder if they wrote this about a certain leadership contender who sat beside BJ and is now hoping his billions will get him elected by his pals.  This may not be the case, but it works for me, an man who never shows real emotion and smiles like its been programmed in.  Again this song is covered by a TBFDCAP calling card style of musical theatrics heavy bass lines, dystopian guitars and drum beats that nail you to your seat. 

The last and definitely not tongue in cheek song that gets a remix too, ‘Boris Johnson Is A Knob’, this is simple yet perfectly sung and the sentiment never held back on.

An EP that’s written for those of us that see through the bullshit and know that to quote “To lie a little is not possible: He who lies, lies the whole lie”

Music for the thinking person, music that speaks to you like you matter.

The EP is available from the bands shop on MUSICGLUE

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