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The Battery Farm

Flies - Rare Vitamin Records

So who are The Battery Farm and why are they getting so much attention recently from all corners of the music independent music scene (and others corners probably, but we like to focus on the real listeners).  Is it because their music is as good if not better than the stadium bands, is it because they have a physical presence that demands you watch, or is it simply due to the blistering punk rock they ooze from every corner of their being.  All of the above I’d say, and this debut album could be the moment they explode out into the wider world like a Catherine Wheel at a firework display.

Flies is the title of this moment in time that you may not look back from, and it kicks off with the title track ‘Flies (1)’ in which you are immediately struck by the fact that this four piece does not have a four piece sound, more like a powerhouse of sound and energy that can knock you to the floor with very note!.  

Idles or Fugazi come to mind when trying to describe the mix of industrial gutter Punk and Glam that is the core of their sound, ‘Crude Oil Water’ is a perfect example of this, it takes your mind on a journey, a journey that has you fully immersed in a wall of sound and vocal acrobatics which exude a power and depth that hammer home the disgust that this song depicts in the inhumanity of humanity and how  it has become normalised to watch others suffer for the sake of entertainment or purely through desensitisation, a scuzz filled banger that takes no prisoners. 

The Battery Farm are nothing other than surprising and out there with the best of what came before in the art musical art world, somehow I found myself conjuring up images of a punk System of A Down as the musical theatre unfolds through this album, take ‘Everything Will Be Ok’ as a prime culprit in this, musically not the same, but in its soul, it is a masterpiece of the emotion of self thought.

Then you turn a corner and get hit by the bus that is ‘In The Belly Of The Beast’ a scream fest of headbanger, it shows the Idles influenced or otherwise side of BF, I dare you to turn this up full blast and no blow the sound system! 

This album has to be a catapult for BF, it’s firing its flaming rocks at the world of music and watching as the walls come crashing down, the bar has been raised to stellar heights here.

Don’t forget to have a fire extinguisher at the ready when you drop the play button on this my friends.

Here are all the links you require, just be careful not to get burnt!

Out on November 18th Via Rare Vitamin Records

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