The Bunny The Bear – If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say…

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The Bunny The Bear

If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say… - Victory Records

This isn’t my style, so everything I say must be taken with a certain grain of salt but The Bunny The Bear’ If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say… is laughingly confusing.

While I won’t knock the recording quality here – the album sounds better than a lot of albums that I’ve heard recently – the content is extremely puzzling as The Bunny The Bear are trying to merge so many different styles and genres into one weird mixture that I’m left scratching my head. They remind me of Brokencyde in that matter – although The Bunny The Bear aren’t nearly as nauseating as they are.

Nevertheless, the Brokencyde similarity is undeniable as the band is attempting to merge hardcore elements with non-hardcore elements.  There are moments that they succeed in pushing the boundaries, nearly reaching a Bring Me The Horizon plateau of post-hardcore amalgamation. The piano led C’est Pas Loin sees that the band is capable of writing something worth a listen; unfortunately, most of the album doesn’t fall into that same category.

Instead, most of the album is a mixture of electro-pop with high-pitched vocals that suddenly get divided by guttural, indecipherable screams. You get high-pitched Coheed & Cambria like vocals alongside Ringworm rapsy’s scowls and you’re in an even weirder mixture than the pop-punk/hardcore hybrid of A Day To Remember.  Sometimes (on Aisle for example) they even throw the vocals through a heavily effect process, creating a weirdly digitalized vocalist. And yes, there are Brokencyde influenced wails scattered throughout the album as well.

Musically, they’re hard to pin down. As I mentioned before, there’s a certain electronica flare to the songs that is often interspersed with hardcore breakdowns and Atreyu-double bass drum kicks. Then, just to confuse you even more, they’ll throw in something slow and wanna-be grandiose like I Am Ghost or My Chemical Romance like they do on 396.17.

Throughout it all, The Bunny The Bear are having an identity crisis. The minute long introduction, Prelude sets the tone for a chugging guitar-driven hardcore album but then songs like Rough Eyes are slow, monotonous and vocally clean. The two songs don’t fit on the same album and while the songs located between the two help smoothen the transition, it still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

I’m at a loss as to what to classify them as, so I’ll just call them electro-hardcore which is probably a genre that doesn’t even exist (and, in all honesty, doesn’t really need to either). It’s not the most accurate description but it’s really the best I can do; at least until The Bunny The Bear themselves figure out what the hell it is they’re trying to do.