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The Chats

Get Fucked - Bargain Bin Records

I’ve always had good experiences listening to Australian punk bands. Since the beginning when I first heard The Saints right through the Hard Ons and up until the current Amyl and the Sniffers, I’ve been a fan of all things Aussie Punk. But nothing could prepare me for the love I would instantly have for The Chats and this album, Get Fucked.

Now upon receiving the promo version of The Chats new album Get Fucked, I had never heard this band, only seen their name on show flyers from around the world. What fucking kind of punk rock have I NOT been living under that I never even saw the video for Smoko. Which I promptly checked out along with all of their past music and videos after listening to Get Fucked. So with that disclaimer laid out, let’s blast this shit:

6L GTR starts out just like a revved up 6 liter GTR barreling down the dusty Australian outback road. No warm-up time needed. The gas pedal has been laid down. Tight, fast muted crunchy guitars applied under sing-along vocals. This is instant controlled mayhem in its’ snottiest punk rock form. I thought 6L GTR would be about a 6 string guitar. However the song is actually about a 6 liter GTR automobile.  And The Chats sound matches this all too well. Josh Hardy’s guitar sounds like a Fender with single-coil pickups maxed out with just the right touch of distortion laid in. Get Fucked, recorded at Brisbane’s Hunting Ground facility has that tight, stripped down, no-reverb-needed, punk simplicity production courtesy of producer Cody McWaters

Struck by Lightning has that classic stop start riff going on. (The video for this song takes the start/stop theme even further) This reminds me of some vintage Angry Samoans. Singer Eamon Sandwith is the ultimate anti-rock star. This type of punk is so simple yet so hard to get this right. This is the 2nd song in a row with a great little guitar solo in it. This is classic late 70s early 80s stuff going on. This band certainly does strike like lightning to the new ear.

Boggo Breakout has some more melodic punk AF riffing going on. The solo in this one is wah wah laden and really rocks. This stuff really grooves. I bet this track Boggo Breakout will sound exceptional in a pub with pints flowing. Southport Superman is a 30-second pit inducing rager worthy of whoever this bloke from Southport is. I would stay away from him in the pit during this track. Panic Attack is a real head bopper with some great stuttered lyrical work by bassist/vocalist Eamon Sandwith. Did I mention I am loving this band. And you should love this too whether you’re new to the band or a big fan already! These guitar solos by new but experienced axeman Josh Hardy are pure 80s wonder. I feel like I’m listening to Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Number something.

Ticket Inspector harkens back to late 70s early 80s UK punk. I love when songs like this have the guitarist hitting a single chord while the bass line carries out the heavy lifting of the main riff. This is a happy bouncy song with another wah-laden guitar solo thrown in. It’s worth noting here that drummer Matt Boggis easily and colorfully morphs from punk-n-roll drummer to UK 82 drummer to California surf-punk drummer. Groove, swing, tight, loud, yea yea he’s got it. It’s like when you’re 16 years old and you see that totally hot punker you’re in love with from across the garage practice space, and they’re bopping around to the beat. That is Matt Boggis’s drumming.

The Price of Smokes once again takes us way back to very early 80s and late 70s sounding punk. This song sounds like it should be in an episode of The Young Ones. Vyvyan and Neil complaining about the price of smokes with a montage of them trying to get a quid to spend at the corner store. This is the longest track on the album at 3:42. And the listener is glad it does go for that long as the groove and mellow melody are sheer delight.

Dead on Site, Paid Late and I’ve Been Drunk In Every Pub In Brisbane rev things back up quickly. Paid Late has some tight crunchy guitar over a rolling crunchy Fender driven bass line. The guitar solo is once again pure insanity. This guy Josh Hardy is like the punk rock anti-Van Halen guitarist. Small and tight guitar solos ala the Adolescents. If you’re a fan of the Rikk and Frank Agnew of the Adolescents you should be equally obsessed with guitarist Josh Hardy who full on rages on the track Out on the Street. This song live should be a show favorite.

Track 12, Emperor of the Beach, features the slower, crunchy, muted guitar riff this album was calling for. And then this song crosses over into what could be a D.I. song with an accented singer replacing Casey Royer. It goes full on surf-punk? Eamon Sandwith’s anti-locals-only, anti-racism lyrics are cleverly sung from the villain’s view. Pure Casey Royer antagonism. This along with The Price of Smokes are the two stand out tracks for me on Get Fucked. The closing track 13, Getting Better, works great as a closing track. It may lightheartedly sum up The Chats. Although they have already placed their own bar so very high up.

In conclusion: Get Fucked approaches the song writing diversity and adolescent fury that can be found on the Adolescents blue album. Josh Hardy’s guitar solos are 2nd to none. Eamon Sandwith is the true punk rock anti-star we are all rooting for. Get Fucked can stand tall with some of the greatest classic punk albums of all time. Exuberant, exploding, haughty, and so cool for being so itself. You’ll want to know all the lyrics to Get Fucked for the next time you’re loosing your mind at one of The Chats shows. So go get Get Fucked today!