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The Flatliners / Astpair

Split - Panic State Records

Back in 2011 Toronto’s The Flatliners and Austria’s Astpai released a split 7” on Laserlife Records in support of a European tour together. The limited run, with artwork by Peter Wonsowski, featured each band covering one of the others’ songs Now, thanks to Panic State Records, its  getting a proper North American release as a limited number of copies will be available as the two bands reunite for several shows across eastern Canada and the US.

The Flatliners tackled Southwards, a track from Astpai’s 2010’s effort Heart to Grow. The intro channels late 80′ Soul Asylum (they were good once!) and the epic sing-a- long chorus could be lifted straight into a Dropkick Murphy’s album; making for a song that could easily fit into the band’s live repertoire in future.

Astpai opted for Meanwhile In Hell, off The Flatliner’s 2007’s The Great Awake. It kicks off with a similar rocking riff, only to be blown away when the pedal hits the floor following the inevitable (but awesome) guitar slide. Fans of the Lawrence Arms will love the vocals as they sit firmly in the Brendan Kelly spectrum (which is a good thing), all of which gives a cool new spin on a great track.

While short, the seven inch is well worth the wait – especially for all the completists out there.