The Format – Snails EP

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The Format

Snails - Atlantic Records

I don’t know much about The Format, other then hearing their name an odd few times here and there, there’s nothing that makes their name stick out in my mind. So when I got the Snails EP in my mailbox, I wasn’t exactly sure what it was. It turns out that the short five song EP is only available at venues on tour and at select stores as a gift with the purchase of Interventions + Lullabies, the band’s full length. The EP features two brand new songs along with some acoustic versions of three songs from their full length.

The two new songs, Janet and Snails start off the EP very well. Gives off a good impression of the band for those few who don’t know who they were (like me). They are upbeat folksy songs with catchy melodies at a medium pace, nor super slow or at a blistering speed, but just a nice speed to flow nicely. And although there’s nothing really wrong with the two opening songs, the real gems here are the final three acoustic songs.

Wait Wait Wait, Tune Out and On Your Porch were all released electronically on Interventions + Lullabies, and I haven’t heard the original versions yet, but the acoustic versions are able to keep you happy without hearing the originals. They are simple, upbeat, strong and moving; and even though all three are acoustic, they are all incredibly different then one another. Wait Wait Wait is much more energetic and bouncy while Tune Out starts to mellow it down a bit while still keeping a upbeat chorus before hitting the slow moving On Your Porch, and really, On Your Porch makes the EP worth while. It is long, clocking in at 5:27, but worth every minute. It is slow, emotional, melodic and one of the best acoustic songs released in a while. It brings back the simplicity of music and shows that anyone can make emotional music without filling it full of lyrics of death, lacing it with screams or blitzing guitar solos. All you need is a smooth voice and a guitar and you can go and make beautiful music.

The EP also gives you directions as to how to get two additional MP3s off the internet. So if you see this rare EP at the venues, or are lucky enough to get it as a gift, it is well worth the listen. You won’t be able to stop playing the final two songs for days.