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The Godfathers

Alpha Beta Gamma Delta - Self Released

Ok big confession time, The Godfathers are a band that until now (and I mean this album review) are a band that have for one reason or another, never crossed my path, and by that I do mean, never seen them live (having had the opportunity on several occasions locally), never listened to a whole album and only possibly ever heard the odd song, this is not something I’m proud of either, it just has never happened until now.  So to that end, this is a virgin review and I’m actually very excited by it.  Please don’t judge me Godfathers fans…

First apart from a strange little lead in, ‘Bring On The Sunshine’ is possibly my favourite of all, purely because it kinda doesn’t fit, but it so does too, a real upbeat song that seems like a Beach Boys tribute that even name checks Mr Wilson himself, a song that is so not punk, but yes it so can be too, this followed by the a strangely familiar sounding ‘You Gotta Wait’ strange in that is has a very like something else I cannot put my finger on sound.  

If I was expecting the welcome to my first full length experience of this band, to be angst filled screaming of generic punk, then yep I would have been truly disappointed, yes there is a place for that, but then there is a place for music like this that says so much in a no less meaningful way. 

‘Midnight Rider’ fits midway through this thirteen track album, the thirteenth if my memory serves my right (ok I did google to make sure, yes I did know some of them even if I’d not managed to listen to them all right through), this song has a wonderfully succinct feel to it, an ode to the migration of many that exists through war or displacement and simply wanting to exist in a life that is hard enough without being stigmatised over it, musically it sits beautifully in the world of songs that give you those chills down the back of the neck when married to the lyrical content. 

‘There’s No Time’ is the next song that pricks the ears up a little further than they already have been with what came in between, somehow an acoustic start to a track just throws a hook out to myself and lands me fully, a somber yet appropriate song for the getting older of us, it reeks of “lets sit back and contemplate” which suits thirteen albums in maybe. 

Over all there are a few clichés in here, the music does feel age appropriate at times, yet the messages are still there and the deep tones of  Peter Coyne’s vocal still convey purpose.

So to the final track thirteen on the thirteenth album, ‘I Despair’, do they?, whether this is this best yet or unlucky for some is a question too far for myself, let’s leave that up to the Godfathers most ardent fans, but for myself and this who may want to go get this album, it’s a great opener.

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