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The Graduate

Anhedonia - Icon Mes

Anhedonia is an album that can easily be described and envisioned simply because it is far from being original. In fact, The Graduate seems to have taken bits and pieces from a wide selection of bands slowly making a name for themselves in the emo/pop-rock music scene; and while many of the bands they borrow little traits from I have a slight disdain for, The Graduate were able to merge them together in an entertaining and enjoyable fashion.

Using the electronic emo music sound scape similar to The Receiving Ends Of Siren or As Tall As Lions along with silky smooth vocals ala Acceptance and Permanent Me, The Graduate have all the right ingredients to quickly become labeled “the next big thing.” Unlike the aforementioned bands who were labeled that at one time or another, if The Graduate are careful enough they could avoid the falling into anonymity after a few months because they successfully step over the little hurdles that were keeping bands like TREOS in the underground.

Where TREOS would go off on a random tangent, The Graduate keep their songs contained and to the point – creating a more memorable and listener friendly sound. Some may complain that it’s predictable and follow the verse-chorus-verse structure; but Anhedonia needs that structure to survive. Songs like Doppelganger see the band breaking out and testing out new beats and keyboard melodies but are able to keep it all contained nicely in a three and a half minute track. When they diverge from that structure and break out completely, the songs aren’t able to hold onto your attention as they wear thin quickly and become repetitive. The perfect example is the six minute closer, Sing.

However, it is definitely the first few tracks that really sell this album. I Survived and Bet It All both have heavier rock oriented sound with incredibly catchy choruses that sees vocalist Corey Warning bring in the pop-rock elements that make the songs more memorable. Other songs of note however would be the Fall Out Boy-esque Surround Yourself and the instrumental Interlude.

Far from being the most original or ground breaking album released in the past few years, Anhedonia is still able to capture the listener’s ear and keep them listening all the way through. At times predictable, it needs to be to be able to function properly and if they’re able to get one some tours of note instead of the generic pop-emo tours they’re currently involved in, The Graduate could make a name for themselves rather than slowly fading into nothingness like so many before them have.