The Living End – Modern Artillery

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The Living End

Modern Artillery - Reprise Records

The Living End are well known down under in Australia; in fact, their latest album, Modern Artillery, has received a ton of press since it’s release in 2003. Now that album, their third studio one, is being released to the rest of the world through the good people at Reprise Records. And I’m glad to say that the rest of the world is catching onto to this Australian trio composed of Chris Cheney (vocals and guitar), Scott Owens (upright bass and back up vocals), and Andy Strachan (drums).

The 14 song album is full of power-pop-punk songs that is very different from what we are hearing on the airwaves lately, largely because of Chris Cheney’s evident accent. His Australian accent makes the songs unique and enjoyable. The lyrics aren’t anything incredibly spectacular, but do the job well enough to get you singing along with them.

What Would You Do starts off the album in a high energy fashion, grabbing your attention and making you want to hear more. They keep this up for a while, but do not over do it. Overall, the album has a nice transition. It starts off with faster, high energy songs, and then they slow down as the album plays; then as the final track, The Room, starts playing, the CD has started slowing down and they end Modern Artillery with a nice relaxing song.

Now, I am glad to see that they have put a decent amount of songs in this full length, pushing the time to just under 50 minutes; but at times there are some tracks which seem to be just filler. Nothing really stands out in time, and they tend to just fall into the background and not grab your attention. Which really isn’t what the songs are supposed to do. But there are still quite a few songs in it which make the album worth while.