The Sounds – Dying To Say This To You

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The Sounds

Dying To Say This To You - New Line Records

Let me start this review by stating that I currently feel like complete shit. I’m sick, I’m dizzy, I’m incredibly hot, nearing the point of sweatiness, my throat is soar and my head is killing me. Why I’m on the computer instead of sleeping? I have no idea, I blame the fact that I need to watch the Prison Break season premiere tonight. Still, despite all that ails me, I feel tonight’s the night I should talk about The Sounds‘ latest effort, Dying To Tell This to You; after all, I’ve been listening to it for a few months now and I still always come to the same conclusion: this is fun, not great, but fun.

The band’s signature dance-rock melodies are still so evident on this album, despite being a bit more laid back than the band’s previous efforts. There’s no insanely catchy song like the hyper active Living In America, but instead a more fluent and solid album. The delightfully poppy keyboard melodies are laid back a tad, but are still there to get the listener’s foot tapping on songs like Painted By Numbers orQueen of Apology. Still, it’s when the keyboard takes the forefront of the song that the band really shines, even if it is a slow song rather than a faster, upbeat one. That’s what happens with Night After Night, a slow moving piano ballard that compliments Maja Ivarsson’s soft, crooning vocals; which, in itself is another highlight of the album. Because while Ivarsson does try to reach out and hit some notes that are just way too far out there for her to capture, those moments are few and far between with the remaining times being treated to her signature, slightly accented, dance-pop vocal delivery.

The songs are far from punk in the conventional way, but there’s no denying that a fair few punk fanatics would appreciate the upbeat melodies and simplistic lyrics. They do mix it up at times, adding some distorted guitar and male vocals on Hurt You, but that somehow seems out of place amongst the other easy-going songs. Still, in complete contrast to that, there’s enough dance beats to make the album perfect almost any club, a place where a punk album would normally seem way out of place. But somehow, The Sounds were able to cross the barrier, leading a bit more to the dace side, but with enough ump and ingenuity to be accepted by the always cynical punk crowd.

When it comes down to it, Dying To Say This to You can simply be described as a fun little toy for you to play with as a break. It’s not outstanding, but it’s always fun without a song that ever forces you to reach for skip.Sick or healthy, The Sounds are always amusing.