The Vandals – Shingo Japanese Remix Album

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The Vandals

Shingo Japanese Remix Album - Kung Fu Records

If you’ve been following the steady flow of Kung Fu Records compilations and DVDs, then I’m sure you’ve seen one of the many Shingo remixes. He’s been doing Vandals remixes for the label for over a year now and has seen many compilations. And I guess they got some good feedback regarding the remixes because the label has enlisted the help of the DJ to do an entire eleven track album of Vandals remixes – cleverly entitled Shingo Japanese Remix Album. But really, this isn’t for the hardcore Vandals fan.

The main thing that sticks out is the fact that Shingo has only taking songs from their two most recent releases, Internet Dating Superstuds and Hollywood Potato Chip. So right away, it’s clear that they are missing some of the band’s better songs – but even if the album did have the band’s highlights, its still not an album for most of their fans. Shingo has taken all the songs and really mixed them up. They are no longer the quick, catchy pop-punk tunes they used to me. Instead, they are now dance songs that could easily be played at any rave. There’s unique beats, the vocals are chopped up and repeated, there’s new, weird, funky sounds added to the background and spliced through the vocals. And to top it all off, there’s even the occasional Japanese vocals thrown into the mix.

It’s clear that Shingo knows what he’s doing, and the songs are mixed well. It just is no longer a Vandals song and that hurts the album badly. It’s not like you really feel the need to skip any songs or throw the disc into the air like a frisbee, it’s just that its no longer a pop-punk album. It is now a dance album and won’t appeal to most of the readers. Although, if you were one of the people who liked any of the remixes in some of the recent compilations, then you’ll probably like the full album of remixes.