The Whiskey Bats – Flesh Eaters

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The Whiskey Bats

Flesh Eaters - Self Released

The Whiskey Bats released this their debut album back in September this year, they are a four piece punk band who embrace the horror pop and wrap it up in some pretty eclectic punk sounds, you can hear and sometimes even feel like you can touch some pretty varied styles within the twelve songs on the scarily named ‘Flesh Eaters’ album.

Does anyone remember the band Pure Hell?, also a band from Pennsylvania who also have the important place in history of being the first all black punk band (if not one of the first ever punk bands), 1974 was the time they began, I highly recommend you go check them out if you haven’t already.  Anyway, might point here is that on first listen to the title track ‘Flesh Eaters’ and in subsequent songsthis is the band that came to mind and it turned out they kicked off from the same region, influences or not, somethings need to be given credit.

The last paragraph not withheld, Whiskey Bats most certainly have influences and if traits that sometimes stand out like sore thumbs, but then there are also some that are woven in like threads of life giving blood lines, Rancid show up for example in the veins of songs like ‘The Carnival Of Crime In Connecticut’ and ‘Moonlight Girl’ although only fleetingly, and this is always a good thing, the Bats most definitely have their own sound that draws on others only when needed.  Some of the other moments that take you by surprise are in songs like ‘Burn With Me’ which for has a wonderful Misfits lyrical style yet in part has you feeling the  Dead Kennedys breathing down your neck, then there is the very heavy guitar led ‘NC 17’ with its riffs and licks having you headbanging like at a Slipknot gig.

If your of a nervous disposition or simply can’t take your music at max strength, then the Bats aren’t for you, but if your like “slap me around the head with a baseball bat and i’ll get back up a knock you out, then shake your hand afterwards” then you’ll fucking love this album, it has you screaming along and sweating like you just left a mosh pit, but then it also has you crying like a baby, oh ok! that crying bit was a lie, it just sounded good.

Only criticism is maybe it’s two songs too long, or is it?, the final two tracks feel like they should be out all on their own, stand fucking out tunes, but as singles maybe.  Or was it I was just done at ten and couldn’t take the crazy shit pace and need to retire gracefully? A thought I maybe shouldn’t share too readily.

The album can be streamed or bought (much prefer it it if you buy) from BANDCAMP and find all the relevant links to like, help, follow or simply listen to right there. The album is available on vinyl HERE, but you need to contact the band via for international orders.