Townes Cosentino – A New Kind Of Hell EP

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Townes Cosentino

A New Kind Of Hell - Creep Records

Will Romeo should be no stranger to many of you, he’s been fronting punk rock mainstays Gameday Regulars for the last five years. Now it appears that he has felt the need to spread his wings, although not too far as he’s still committed to making punk rock, as this EP marks a distinct change of style. If you’re expecting more of the same from Will Romeo then you’ll be in for a shock, Townes Cosentino is a much more subdued affair that is informed by elements of indie, folk and Americana.

His gravelly tones somewhat surprisingly suit this material perfectly, whilst the majority of the material is just vocals and acoustic guitar, there are also touches of electric lead that weave in an out of this release, provided by Tyler Pursel of Philadelphia punk band Goddamnit, which subtly enhance the songs. Will Romeo has stated that when he was composing material for this project he found that the songs practically wrote themselves, I think this shows as you get four effortless and heartfelt songs that tell a story of overcoming loss.

I’ve heard many members of fine punk bands veer into acoustic territory over the years, some work, and some just make you wish their band would plug them back in again, this release belongs firmly in the former camp. This is Will Romeo‘s songwriting stripped almost to the bone, for me this compliments his fine legacy with Gameday Regulars, rather than being an alternative to it.  A New Kind Of Hell is a strong and deeply personal collection of songs that is the perfect soundtrack for those quiet moments of contemplation at the end of the day.

A New Kind Of Hell will be released by Creep Records on August 26, 2016

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