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Rock Spirit Absolute Joy - Venn Records

Lets start this review at the end, the words “Rock Spirit Absolute Joy was made for everyone, and that includes You” are etched in your head now, so go ahead and read/listen and be of an open mind, because this is Punk Rock re-written.  Yes there are elements of just about any genre you could shake a stick at, so WACO shake their guitars, drums and vocals like sticks at all the musical joy’s that make this world a great place to live in.

Ten tracks make up this all encompassing album, an album that is dedicated to their late bassist Chris Cowley, a celebration of everything the band feel is true to their hearts.

‘Millionaire’ is the touch paper to this explosive album, a maelstrom of styles that make up a joyous song that somehow takes hard times and flips it into a song of hope.

You cannot help feeling that ‘The World’ was written about Chris Cowley, but you also get the full on happiness that Jak Hutchcraft’s vocals throw into this song and feel that it’s actually about his love for everyone around him and maybe even the people he has yet to meet, a stonker of a tune, that’s followed by yet another, ‘Elevation’ which touches on how a combination of bad information and living in a contradictory society, makes being healthy so difficult.

WACO are not a band that will ever conform to the stereo typed punk sound, and therefore will never fall foul of just being just another line in the page of the genres history, they are the true embodiment of what punk should always be “individual”.  This music speaks to you like your right there and you are the reason they sing ‘Seventeen’ I’m sure we have all been here or know someone who has, this music says the things that need saying ‘The New Wave of British Denim’ an ode to how fashion can kill the planet too!, this music is played with passion ‘Next Romance’ is a moment of weakness and yet it still lives in the moment, then we have true introspective moment in ‘Hardships Happen’ yes life throws hurdles at you, but you learn from them and move on. 

Whats so important about this band and album is that they exist! and that they have taken on this world with a punk attitude yet have taken the time to make it a joyous occasion as well as the time to shout at the things that need shouting at.  Musical genius is not something that you should brand about lightly, yet this album just shouts GENUIS at every turn.  

If you have like myself an eclectic collection of music that is as punk as it gets, then this needs adding to it immediately.

Out on the 2nd September via Venn Records

The band will also be gigging in September (sadly no North East show)

03.09.22 – London – Wacky Barber Shop

04.09.22 – Brighton – Prince Albert

05.09.22 – Kingston – Fighting Cocks

06.09.22 – Manchester – Gullivers (w/ Nervus)

07.09.22 – Lancaster – The John O’Gaunt

08.09.22 – Birmingham – Subside

09.09.22 – Lowestoft – The Globe

10.09.22 – Jersey – Victoria Tavern

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