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Next To Pay - Ridingeasy Records

Warish from San Diago are set to release this their second full length on 30th April via Ridingeasy Records.  This is an album that pushes the boundaries of  their musical envelope, a much darker sound that screams at you like their life depended on it,  “Next To Pay’ is about a sense of imminent doom, everyone is going to die,” vocalist/guitarist Riley Hawk says. “It’s not the happiest record, I guess.”  No Argument here!  

Diving into or should t be falling into this album feels like you have just jumped into an abyss, screaming as you fall.  ‘Next to Pay’ the title track is up first, the sense that this is not going to be an easy listen hits you as soon as Riley screams out the first lines, it fills the darkness with a level of angst that sits perfectly with the wall of sound behind it, a sound clash of bass, guitar and drum that works like a thunderous steam train to carry the vocal along.

As you plough through the pumping arteries of this album, what strikes you, is how unforgiving it is, but also how intensely the sound grabs you and drags you along with it, ‘S.H.M’ (Second hand Misery), with its infectious riffs and rollercoaster of a beat, then ‘Burn No Bridges’ has a Cramps soundscape to it, which pulsates in and out in waves.  For all its dark and unhappy moments, this is not a moment in time that you regret and wish you could get back, you are on a journey of discovery that gives you Nirvana esque shivers like ‘Destoyer’ a brooding mess that still hits heights of musical wonder, or ‘Scars’ a song that leaves its own scars on your mind, ‘Ordinary’ on the other hand is like a bruiser you would find in a Mudhoney set.

If you’ve got this far, then your obviously not one for scaring easily and your maybe a glutton for punishment, the kind that leaves you exhausted but waiting for the next cliff to jump off.  At least you managed to get to the belated stand out track of the album, ‘Make The Escape’ is without doubt a Misfits level of punk intensity that rolls over you from start to finish like a happy grim reaper, wonderful. 

To sum this up would normally take a whole chapter, but lets just say, Sabbath/Nirvana/Cramps/Misfits/Motorhead all with a slab of pure hell driven vocal.

When you have listened to this album once, go do it again, then go do it again and now you might get it! 

Out on 30th April Via Ridingeasy Records

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