Wine Lips – Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party

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Wine Lips

Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party - Stomp Records

Toronto garage rockers Wine Lips may have started as a part time for guitarist/songwriter Cam Hilborn and drummer Aurora Evans back in 2015, but that quickly developed with a debut EP a year later and now 5 years on the band, by now a quartet with the addition of Jordan Sosensky on guitar and Charlie Weare on bass have just dropped their third full length via Stomp Records, Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party.

Wine Lips are not a band who are trying to be subtle about their influences, they play high energy, kick ass garage rock that imbues the spirit of titans of the early 00’s scene like The Hives, Gluecifer and The Hellacopters alongside 80’s garage revivalists like The Cynics and The Chesterfield Kings with dazzling  effect.

Four of the tracks clock in at under 2 minutes Get your Money is a blunderbuss of a tune with wonderfully fuzzy guitars and a fabulously chaotic finish that sounds like a live show closer if I’ve ever heard one. In the Clear feels more like an homage to that early 00’s scene with its staccato riffing and distorted vocal while the LP’s opener and lead single Eyes really sets the tone in the first few bars, starting with a muted riff before the bass and drums drop and you know exactly what to expect.  

Fried 3 is a bit of a misstep, a pseudo 70’s acoustic number that seeks and fails to capture the spirit of Alice Cooper’s I Never Cry or Ballad of Dwight Fry and while maybe a slight deviation from the frenetic pace was the right intention, Fried 3 doesn’t quite deliver. This really is only a minor gripe as everything that comes before and follows is killer, even the 7 minute plus Suffer the Joy which could easily have strayed into self indulgent territory, quickly becomes a favourite and after multiple listens somehow takes me back to 90’s britrock legends The Wildheartsand their own 7 minute opus Inglorious.

Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party was recorded with Simon Larochette at The Sugar Shack in London, Ontario and cements Wine Lips as a force in today’s crowded garage / punk scene. As good as this record is, this is the kind of music that really comes to life in person so if they play anywhere near you, I implore you to get out and see them.