Steve Rawles (Belvedere)

Belvedere - Steve Rawles

  • 8th May 2021
  • Way Out Radio
  • Paula Frost
  • Thousand Islands Records / Lockjaw Records

Way Out Radio‘s Paula Frost chats to Belvedere’s Steve Rawles about the Warped Tour, the band’s 25th anniversary, life on the road, NOFX, Bad Religion and Belvedere‘s new album, Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense. The Canadian punks formed in Calgary and Edmonton in 1995. They’ve now released six albums and played almost 2000 shows across 35 countries in the past 25 years, including the Warped Tour and Groezrock Festival.

2020 marked the 25th year of the band’s history, but since all of their tours were moved to 2021; the band felt the need to write and record Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense, their sixth full-length instalment. The album features a furious mix of old and new. The new direction in song writing is attributed to new members Dan Wollach on guitar and Ryan Mumby on bass. The familiar speed, riffs, insightful lyrics and singalong harmonies are all still there thanks to drummer Casey Lewis, and lead singer & founder, Steve Rawles.

You can stream and purchase Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense here