2019 Rebellion Festival Preview: Cockwomble

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Ahead of this year’s Rebellion Festival we’re asking a selection of the band’s who are appearing about what we can expect, and for their advice on surviving the four day festival. In the second of The Punk Site‘s 2019 Rebellion Festival previews we speak to Cockwomble. The band became a trio when Ali and Vicky asked Leah to join after seeing a picture of her bum on the internet, Cockwomble sound like all your favourite bands from when you were young that eventually broke up because they weren’t successful enough and all hated each other. You can read about what to expect from Cockwomble at the Rebellion Festival below

Is this your first experience of the Rebellion Festival or have you played before? 

Ali- it’s the first time I’ve played but I’ve been the last few years.

Leah- I’m popping my Rebellion cherry this year, I’ve never even been to Blackpool before… I’m stoked! 

Vicky – I’ve played a fair few times with The Ramonas but this’ll be the first time for Cockwomble.

What can we look forward to from your set?

Ali- it’s half an hour so we’re basically going to have to play our entire album for our set to be long enough haha

What makes the Rebellion Festival special for you? 

Ali- beyond the great lineup and punk family get together, for me it’s that quite a few bands I’ve recorded in my studio tend to play; Attila The Stockbroker, Viki Vortex & The Cumshots, Ramonas (obviously..), Pog, Skurvi, Wob and some more I think this year, I’ll have to check the lineup properly.

Will you have the chance to catch anyone else whilst you’re there and is there anyone else on the bill you’d recommend people go and see?

Ali- definitely UK Subs that’s a tradition now. Subhumans were really good when we played with them recently. I always try and watch TV Smith, Viki Vortex and Attila The Stockbroker. I really like The Menstrual Cramps as well.

Leah- Pussyliqour!

Vicky – as much of the Introducing Stage as possible, I spent most of my time there last year and it was so good to hear something new.

If you could pick one band to appear at the Rebellion Festival who would it be?

Ali- I’d love to see Kunt And The Gang doing a Rebellion comeback. That’d make my year.

Leah- Gutted I missed Idles last year, so if you could slot them in again this year that’d be grand 😉 

Do you have a favourite memory from a previous Rebellion Festival? 

Ali- probably Ramonas tribute set on the Casbah Stage last year, that was magic. Or Attila in the Opera House the year before, that was superb.

Are you currently on tour if so where else are you playing this year?

Ali- lots of one-off gigs left this year. Birmingham with Long Tall Texans then again with UK Subs. Ramsgate with Viki Vortex & Pussy Liquor should be good.

Vicky – We’re also playing a local gig in Lewes in December with London Calling, looking forward to that one…plus it’ll be Leah’s birthday.

What can we look forward to from you in the next twelve months? 

Ali- us releasing our album! Plus we’ve got some festivals lined up for next year which is pretty exciting.

Leah- Probs some more pics of my bare butt on the way too.

Do you have any festival survival tips?

Ali- I have to plan who I’m seeing and stick to it. Rebellion’s so packed in you can see more than out an outdoor festival.

Leah- Alternate between pints of beer and pints of water – it’s a marathon not a sprint guys. 

Vicky – Visit ‘Punk Art’ at least once a day.

Is there anything else in Blackpool you’d recommend people experience whilst they’re in the town? 

Ali- I really like the seafront. Gotta get some ice cream in Blackpool ha. We went on one of the funny trams last year it was great.

Finally when and where are you appearing? 

Leah –  Introducing Stage 16.15 – 16.45pm on Sunday

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us, we’ll see you down the front

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