Greece’s Agoriastonilio Unveil “Stress” Album

The Athens, Greece based band Agoriastonilio have released their fourth album, Stress. This new work encapsulates a wealth of emotions and musical influences, reflecting the atmosphere of their four-year absence from recording. The album features nine tracks, eight of which are original songs alongside a cover of The Prodigy‘s Breathe that contains a tribute to Slayer in the intro. In recent years, humanity has experienced significant events that have impacted the entire planet. Similarly, Agoriastonilio faced a period that tested their limits and inspired the creation of Stress.

The intensity and pressure they endured are captured in a collection of songs that reflect their personal and social experiences. Stress is a clear reflection of the era and the prevailing emotions during this time. Through this album, listeners will discover a variety of musical genres and influences, ranging from punk and rock to metal, all filtered through the band’s unique aesthetic. Stress is now available on all streaming platforms and as a name your price download via Bandcamp and is expected to be released on vinyl in the coming months.


“Our music is infused with raw energy and poignant lyrics, and while our verses are in Greek, we feel this adds a unique and authentic layer to our sound that transcends language barriers.” (drummer Dinos Xarchakos)