Baby Got Back Talk Share “Season Premiere” Video

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New school pop punkers Baby Got Back Talk have debuted their latest single and video, Season Premiere, that is taken from their upcoming Wiretap Records debut EP, Existential Shred, that is due out on the 9th September.

“I had just started a new job as an English professor, and the opening couplet of Season Premiere came to me during office hours: ‘I was searching for a guide/in the pages of poets/But I’m still not bonafide/as a sage or a stoic.’ I’d spent so much time studying literature in the hopes that the bards of old held the wisdom I could use to orient my own journey. Students were looking to me to share that wisdom, yet I was keenly aware that I had so much left to figure out myself. The eureka moment we sometimes think we’re pursuing doesn’t necessarily deliver. The closest you can actually get is accepting that there’s no grand design to uncover, which means you’re free to make your own. ‘Season Premiere’ is the sound of four weary but still wide-eyed weirdos doing exactly that, and inviting the listener to do so in their own right.” (Vocalist / bassist G’Ra Asim)