Cincinnati’s Cataracts Celebrate “Hanging Out With Your Cat” On New Single

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Cataracts create sincere, hook-laden pop-punk fuelled emo tunes in the vein of Hot Mulligan and Arms Length and their latest release, You’ll Never Find It If You’re Looking For It, is out now via Really Rad Records and is available through streaming platforms and as a name your price download via Bandcamp. The single features two tracks, Hanging Out With Your Cat, a sweet and upbeat love song that’s already becoming a local favorite, with Propane Accessories occupying the flip side. Cataracts will also be appearing at the Bummer Brews Fest in Columbus on June 24th.

“Hanging Out With Your Cat” and “Propane Accessories” are two of my favorite songs that we have written for our live set. “HOWYC” was written at the first Cataracts practice with our current line-up. The lyrics for “HOWYC” were written about my boyfriend Soren. The song was inspired by all of the time we have spent watching Breaking Bad with his cat, and the comfort that I feel from just spending time with him. Propane Accessories” was my favorite Cataracts song for a long time. It was written when we were playing as a 3 piece, and it was the high point of the set for me at shows. The lyrics of “Propane Accessories” are about my own body image, and my struggles with feeling comfortable in my own body. I have struggled with disordered eating in the past, and while I have mostly kicked those feelings in my day to day life, the habits and self perception still lingers. When we were choosing songs from our set to record, “Hanging Out With Your Cat” and “Propane Accessories” were everyone’s favorites.” (vocalist Christian Gehring)