Crime In Stereo Breaks Silence On Recent Breakup

  • Cole Faulkner posted
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Crime In Stereo‘s recent breakup left many in the punk and hardcore communities reeling.  Now in a recent blog post the band breaks the silence and speaks to the reasons behind the split.  While the posting dives pretty deeply into the band’s feelings, the most pressing explanations can be found in the first couple paragraphs:

“Many of you are requesting that we reveal the reasons behind the breakup. Like any divorce, there’s no one reason. It’s the cumulative effect of many problems left unchecked/unresolved over the course of years. Many of these reasons are personal and we ask that you respect our decision to move on. We appreciate the support that’s been given to us over the years, and we feel truly blessed to have done this for so long. I think the longevity of Crime in Stereo was more a testament to you than it was to us.

However, to quell any speculation, we should make it clear that Kristian’s surgery had absolutely nothing to do with the announced hiatus. It was purely coincidence, as Kristian and I had decided to make this move before he got sick. His face/jaw/voice/throat is totally fine. He’s singing as great as ever and there are no lasting residual effects.”

The band also mentioned that they will be booking 3 or 4 final farewell shows in the near future.  Read the full letter here.